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944 Turbo upgrade kit with Maxxecu

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This is a very complete kit to upgrade your Porsche 944 turbo to the level it was actually designed for.

For some reason Porsche decided to tune the 944 not to be as fast as the 911. 
But there is a lot more potential  in that engine. The crankshaft, conrods and gearbox are very strong and can easily hold up much more power.

The kit we show here we have installed a few time's so we know the power of it.

Basically the upgrade in power comes from controlling the turbo pressure. The original cycling valve is exchanged with modern technology, a electronic controlled boost regulator.

The injectors are upgraded for the higher power output and also give smooth idling whilst better atomisation.

The Tial wastegate is best choice for this setup. The boost table is a very important part of the preprogrammed tune setup. The Tial gives a better respons and reacts as you expect unlike to the original one. The result is better control of the boost level and smoother engine power.

With the Maxxecu we were able to tune this for best drivability, smooth idle and great powercurve combined and economical in fuel consumption. The original ECU is not only very old and can gives problems but is also not capable achieving this high level of tuning. 

Because there are more upgrades on the market for the 944 turbo today and have been in the past, we understand making a choice here can be difficult. Feel free to send us a message with your question or dilemma. Upgrading a 944 turbo starts with defining your goals.

The kit also contains our own developed triggerwheel kit, AFM delete pipe and custom-made wiring harness.
The wiring loom connects to the original chassis wiring of the Porsche 944 turbo so all functions and fuse/relay diagram stay original so future diagnoses can be done with the original diagrams.

Why not make use of the engine wiring loom?  Well first, it is almost 40 years old, you need a few xtra's and the least fun to do is diagnosing a fault in the old wiring when building all new.

-Maxxecu Race, pre-programmed for the 944 turbo, with bluetooth for phone and USB wiring for tuning.
-Lambda wideband sensor
-Bosch TPS sensor (gives a faster throttle respons)
-TIAL wastegate 38mm V-Band
-Injectors Bosch 957cc EV14 incl extender and clips
-Wasted spark ignition incl connector and cables, high voltage
-Boost control valve incl. connector
-Air intake sensor fast reading
-Knock sensor
-Fuel pressure regulator 3 bar
-AFM delete pipe
-EGT sensor (in cross-over-pipe)
-Triggerweel kit including cranksensor
-Bosch connectors
-Venturi delete kit (lindsey)
-AEM fuel pump complete, fits in original location
-Prepared complete wiring loom with all (Bosch) connectors and wiring to correct length.
-Description of the wiring loom, what is what and where to go.
-One hour help phone / email after purchase

What more do I need?

We recommend Cometic MLS head gasket
Good or better turbo, the Raptor turbo reached 350hp
Downpipe 3 inch is always better as standard 2.5
Upgraded clutch, we have a few options for you.
Intercooler stage 1 if you go higher.
Standaard exhaust  header will do in most cases.
And of course healthy engine, bores, bearings, pistons and pistonrings, valves and valveseats.





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